Waiting for Baby

Waiting for Baby

waiting for babyPregnancy is an exciting and magical time; this unique journal will help you record all the joys, fears, and memorable moments. Guided prompts throughout will let you write about your emotions and experiences, and there is space for photographs so you can document your changing body. From your first craving to the first contraction, Waiting for Baby will be your perfect companion and a beautiful keepsake of the journey of pregnancy.

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Question by Sissa: What was/is your favorite pregnancy journal/memory book?
I am trying to find a pregnancy journal/memory book, and there are just way too many choices. So what is/was your favorite pregnancy journal/memory book?? Especially for your first pregnancy. I had a miscarriage, at 9 weeks in June. But I never got a pregnancy journal/memory book. So I am kind of counting this as my first pregnancy.

Answer by 2/20/2009

I absolutely loved this one. My friend actually gave me the one she had used and then I bought another one and re wrote everything. I now have the first year journal that is exactly like that. I’m trying to find the toddler one as well but I’m having a hard time finding a place that its in stock. Hun, when you have that baby in your arms, you will realize that it really was your second pregnancy and that the baby you lost was your first. It was a person. I’m sorry for your loss.

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Comments on Waiting for Baby

P. C. Fuller @ 12:50 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by P. C. Fuller for Waiting for Baby
This journal is the BEST. I reviewed so many pregnancy journals before purchasing this one and definitely made the right decision. It certainly covers everything, from your own birth and family to that of your baby’s. There are plenty of prompts for those who need them, as well as lots of blank (lined) pages for your own independent journaling. There are sections that discuss your physical/emotional health for each trimester, every doctor’s appointment, places to put ultrasound photos and pregnancy/belly photos, nursery ideas/photos, baby shower photos and invites…and more! This journal is beautiful, tasteful, and well made. Any sections you may not be interested in (or don’t fill up) may be torn out of the journal so as not to leave a bunch of blank, unfinished pages. While some reviewers did not like how this journal is not father-friendly, such did not bother me. It is my personal journal and to be quite honest, my husband is not the journaling type and not interested in recording his feelings!! I highly recommend this journal. I thoroughly enjoy all the quiet time I have spent with it!!! It is very special to me and will one day be passed on to my baby.

J. Rutherford @ 1:44 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by J. Rutherford for Waiting for Baby
My wife and I ordered this book for our first pregnancy. The layout is great. The photos are great.But where is the father? Be forewarned, there is absolutely no mention of the father of the baby. No pages for the father to write his thoughts and memories of his wife’s pregnancy.This may sound like I’m so wacko, family-value conservative. Believe me. I’m not. I had ordered this book so that my wife and I would have a journal for our first child. But, as I said, it’s a journal for my wife, with absolutely zero mention of the father. Weird.

Lucky Dog @ 2:40 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by Lucky Dog for Waiting for Baby
I highly recommend this journal. I was surprised how important it was to write while you are pregnant. This journal really helped me sort out my feelings. I bought it on a whim and I was glad that I did. I bought this journal is primarily for myself and maybe less for the baby, although my daughter may one day find it interesting reading, when she is pregnant. I also bought her a thorough baby book, so that is really more for her. This book is about being pregnant, which is often not written about by the mom. Usually we focus on baby more and not our experience of pregnancy. It is worth the money. It provokes you to write, as it is a fun journal. You may find it more fun to write in this than to stare at a blank journal. I highly recommend this book. Buy it right away, if you are pregnant. I really wouldn’t wait until your 3rd trimester. It is almost too late by that time! Buy this!

Mother To Be @ 3:18 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by Mother To Be for Waiting for Baby
I think this book is beautiful, some pretty pictures and lots of space to write about the pregnancy. My only issue is the father isn’t listed ANYWHERE in the book. There is a section for Mother’s family tree but not fathers there is a section to tell about the mother and her growing up, but not the dads. I was hoping this was something my husband and I could fill out where he could put his reactions and excitement down also, but this book acts as if all fathers are non-existent. Other than that it is a beautiful book and I am using it – we are just writing in the white space for dad!

T. Jackson @ 3:32 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by T. Jackson for Waiting for Baby
This lovely book is 144 pages of a family tree, an all about me page, a sonogram page, doctors visits catalog, pregnancy firsts, pregnancy photos, body & mind entries, nursury comcepts, classes, birth plan, dream catalog, blank journaling pages, pages of well wishes, shower space – enough for multiple showers, everything I could think of EXCEPT ANYTHING DADDY!!! My husband was EXTREMELY unhappy. There are no pages (about me, family tree) designed for the father to fill out. We chose to purchase two – and remove those pages from one book and insert them into this one – very tricky. That’s the only reason this book doesn’t get 5 stars. Either way, its still the best pregnancy journal out there, hands down.