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The Great Expectations Pregnancy Journal is a critical companion to the comprehensive guide Great Expectations: Your All-In-One Resource to Pregnancy & Childbirth, this must-have accompaniment will help pregnant mothers know what to expect. This organizational pregnancy journal and planner will help keep you, as an expectant mother, up to date with essential pregnancy details and get you prepared for the baby’s arrival.

Written by the mother-and-daughter team, this invaluable planner features a week-by-week journal to note everything from emotional to physical sensations, a to-do checklist, pre-scripted interviews for meetings with healthcare and childcare providers, baby gear and maternity-wear lists, information about baby’s development in utero.

Guided fill-in space for writing down other important details, such as doctor appointments and directions to the birthing facility are also included. A personal directory allows you to keep all your pregnancy-related contact information in one easy-to-access place.

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Question by Lindsay S: What to do to prepare for Pregnancy?
So! My husband and I are scheduled to move from California, back to our family in Ohio, next June. We have decided that we are PLENTY ready for our first child, and want to start trying in November to get pregnant. (This will allow our first little one to arrive in August or later of next year).

Yes, we are quite the planners… lol My question is, what should a woman start doing now, to prepare for being pregnant… vitamin recommendations? I just want my body to be as healthy as I can make it before I get pregnant….

Answer by Mumu
Eat healthy and exercise. Also take folic acid. It will help against chromosomal disorders. Save, save, save! Pray a lot, and good luck.

Gender Causing Different Predisposition To Obesity

Sixty-one percent of the population of the United States is obese or overweight, with women making the majority. Certain factors have a different influence, for men and women, over the risk to become overweight or obese.

In the case of women, extra weight may appear because of the fluctuations of the reproductive hormones that show up during pregnancy and menopause .Women are more likely to store more fat than men, because women present a lower basal fat oxidation indicator compared to men. Researchers believe that basal fat oxidation is connected to the loss of fat-free mass for aging women.

Some of the substances that may increase the risk of developing obesity are serotonin, insulin, and leptin. These substances may influence in different ways how men and women are predisposed to gaining weight.

Serotonin, a substance that regulates body temperature, mood, anger, sleep, sexuality, aggression, and appetite, is strongly related to the body mass index (BMI). When the BMI increases, the level of serotonin decreases. When it comes to weight loss, the difference between men and women is the BMI level that triggers the decrease of serotonin.

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Leptin is a product of fat cells and has a role in regulating the energy expenditure and appetite. Leptin levels are higher for women than men at any BMI level. Men may have

lower levels of leptin if they have a higher level of testosterone. Specialists believe that leptin levels may influence the body weight starting at puberty. The difference in leptin levels occurs in boys who have a high level of testosterone and girls with higher fat mass.

Pregnancy can also affect leptin levels. The amounts of leptin is higher in women who are pregnant with female fetuses, but not for those pregnant with male fetuses.

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Comments on Pregnant Journal & Planner: Great Expectations

angel_griffith @ 4:43 pm #

Start taking prenatals and start eating healthy. Make sure you are a good weight for your height and stay happy and optimistic. Good luck!

expectingbaby#1 @ 5:29 pm #

Prenatal vitamins are good to start taking before you get pregnant.

Maddi's Mom @ 5:45 pm #

A good idea is to get your body in good shape by exercising and eating healthy if you aren’t already. This will help make pregnancy and labor easier on you. You should also schedule a pre-conception visit with your ob/gyn to discuss this question with them and so they can prescribe you a prenantal vitamin to start giving your body the vitamins it will need for you and baby while you are pregnant. You should also begin to cut out the things you can’t have while pregnant so you don’t have to do this while pregnant. Such things include caffeine, cigarettes (if you smoke), alcohol (if you drink) and so on. Congratulations on the decision to get pregant. Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times in a womans life and then comes the best thing in a womans life, the baby!!!! Best of luck to you and your husband. I wish the best of luck.

dz.d @ 5:49 pm #

Start exercising heaps. Also keep up your pre conception vitamins buy then at the chemist… drink lots of water. stop drinking smoking if u do…
Reduce stress as much as possible. and also research LOTS and LOTS on everything including morning sickness.cos that caught me off gauard and i lost my job…social life everything. 3 and a half weeks of pure horror SO FAR…and it started at 5 and bit weeks it think.
best of luck remember it could take a while but be patient and just get your body in perfect mothering condition.
also go doc and get a general cheakup..get a dental cheakup all of that.

naztazia @ 6:32 pm #

The most important vitamin before you get pregnant is folate – folic acid. Orange juice, fortified breads, cereals, all have it. That will help prevent a number of birth defects. You could also take a regular prenatal multivitamin too (before, during & after pregnancy (nursing), I took the Vitamin World brand one – pretty clean vitamin with no bad fillers).

I would recommend avoiding mercury as much as possible – in other words, don’t get your teeth filled or any old fillings removed (mercury residuals) – try to avoid or cut back on seafood – swordfish, etc. and especially tuna. Eat salmon and sardines (safest seafood). Try to get used to “healthy” food now – eliminate processed foods, try to eat good things like yogurt, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc. Stay away from radiation – learn to keep your cell phone away from your body, and don’t put your cell on your pants or in your pockets. Try to also avoid xerox machines as well. I would highly recommend getting blood work done before pregnancy, most specifically a “titre test for rubella.” Your doctor will know what that means.

This will check you for antibodies to german measles, which could be horrific if you caught it during pregnancy. Get your titres (antibodies) checked for chicken pox, measles & mumps while you are there as well. I would highly recommend an HIV and a hepatitis test too – just to be sure all is OK. If you are average or slightly underweight, try to put on 5-10 lbs before you get pregnant – sometimes the first 3 months is rough with eating/nausea. Do any house upgrades now, so you are not smelling fumes (paint, cleaners) while you are pregnant or getting exposed to lead.

Some believe highly allergenic food like peanut butter is not good to eat because it could make the child susceptible to food allergies later on (I’m undecided on that one). If you or your husband smoke/drink – try to give that up totally – or at least heavily reduce it. If you take any medication now, see if you can eliminate it by the time you are pregnant, or ensure that it is safe if you need to take it during pregnancy (e.g. diabetes). Other than that, best wishes ! :)