Pregnancy Keepsake Journal: Expecting You – My Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy Keepsake Journal – Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal

pregnancy keepsake journal
Create a unique, memorable and permanent record of this special time in your life.

This pregnancy journal will become a treasured place to record your special feelings, current observations and dreams for your baby-to-be. “Thought starters” on every page and beautiful photographs throughout will help you express your feelings, hopes and dreams for your child. And best of all, your finished journal will be a priceless family keepsake you will be thrilled to share with your child.


Includes 126 “thought starters,” which are open-ended phrases or sentences that guide you in writing down feelings, descriptions of home life and community, hopes and dreams for your child, and much more. Covers subjects from how you met your babyís father to what you most look forward to sharing with your baby after birth. Also supplies places to record what you ate, how you exercised, how you discovered you were pregnant, how you told the father, fashions and trends of the day and so on. Beautiful photography in two colors appears on almost every page, reflecting the themes of surrounding pages.

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Question by I love my wife!: Do you think its wise to have a pregnancy journal especially if this is your first child?
I am thinking about starting a pregnancy diary, just so that I can remember all the milestones. Did you do this? Is it wise to keep a journal? If yes, any suggestions on where to get one and the best one to buy?

Early Pregnancy Sign And Symptoms ? An Overview

Every woman is advised to observe all early pregnancy sign and symptoms, before she approaches her doctor. These pregnancy symptoms are signals sent by your body to make you aware of the fertilization and development of fetus inside your worm. There is so many ways your body sends you signals as its reactions to drastic hormonal changes taking place inside your body. These reactions include significant changes in both mental and physical health.

Though these changes bring joy by telling you that a new life is blooming within you, however, you should be prepared for a certain level of discomforts brought up by these symptoms. Check out all of the pregnancy symptoms, or early signs of pregnancy. Create a pregnancy journal or a pregnancy calendar to keep track of each symptom you undergo. Each symptom is potent enough to comprehend the fetus’s development inside you. These signals can also make you aware of arousal of any pregnancy complications and help your doctor to take right step.

Hence, to detect pregnancy, the first step would be to notice every change you feel in your body. If you are not sure if the symptoms are the symptoms of pregnancy, make a list of them in a pregnancy journal and approach your doctor.

How To Make A Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal or pregnancy calendar must be updated every week. Take care not to miss a single symptom or advancement that speaks of progress or development of the fetus growing inside. In this regard, you can take help of the online weekly pregnancy calendars to keep trace of every stage of fetus’s development. These calendars help mothers to make an entry of every sign of pregnancy they notice throughout the nine months of journey toward childbirth.

The Possible Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms 

Fatigue – Sudden onset of tiredness is one of the early pregnancy sign and symptoms. Havoc hormonal changes inside your body that supports your baby’s development are to blame for this heightened level of tiredness. You may feel like taking a nap now and then and may make you feel having rest throughout the day.

Fainting – You may faint or may undergo sudden feeling of dizziness. As per medical professionals, this is quite normal is the result of low blood pressure disorder caused during pregnancy.

Spotting/Bleeding – Due to implantation of the fertilized egg at the inner walls of the uterus, you might notice slight vaginal bleeding in the form of pinkish color. This bleeding accompanies slight abdominal pain. However, heavier pain and bleeding draws medical attention and signal pregnancy complications, therefore, call for your doctor immediately.

Other very common early pregnancy sign and symptoms are nausea, high body temperature, increased discharge etc. These are the very early symptoms of pregnancy. There is another phase of pregnancy expecting mothers should be aware of, that is ‘luteal phase’. This phase marks the duration of 12 to 15 days from the ovulation. This is the most ripe period when the vaginal areas bears slightly higher temperature for promote fertilization.

Women who are planning pregnancy must check out this phase. Women can also use this luteal phase symptoms, signs to detect early pregnancy, if the periods are still overdue even if the luteal phase passed. On order to understand the exact period of your luteal phase, carry out a blood tests or and take measurements of your hormonal levels.

could be different for different women. Therefore, mere presence of pregnancy symptoms or early signs of pregnancy should not be taken as a confirmation of pregnancy. When you see early pregnancy symptoms, make a note of the symptoms and consult your doctor for confirmatory test. Early Pregnancy Symptoms offers more on early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

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Comments on Pregnancy Keepsake Journal: Expecting You – My Pregnancy Journal

Dari B. Wayne @ 1:05 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by Dari B. Wayne for Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal
No one creates a journal better than author, Linda Kranz, and she does not disappoint with her latest offering: Expecting You, My Pregnancy Journal. Filled with her signature “thought-starters” the writer will quickly record in the pages her thoughts, feelings and physical changes. Among my favorite “thought-starters” are:The first time I felt you move was __/__/__. You seem to be the most active during the morning, afternoon, evening or when I lie down for bed. Hiccups, somersaults and other movements you make.Everyone has dreams. These are mine.The way I broke the news to your father. His reaction. Inventions or products you will have as you grow up that my generation did not have.A few mothers that I admire.THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Here I will trace my hand. I can rest my hands on my stomach and feel you move. When you are a newborn, just home from the hospital, I will trace your hand inside of the tracing of my hand. Photographer-husband, Klaus Kranz, shot the delightful photos that provides the visual appeal to this journal. My sons have grown and I will eventually be a grandma-ma. My gift to my future daughter-in-laws will be to fill out, “Expecting You, A Pregnancy Journal” so they can share in the birth history of their husbands, my sons.

Anonymous @ 1:38 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by for Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal
This is a wonderful journal. Every page begins with thought provoking sentences and phrases to help guide and keep you organized. The book is designed to be written by the expectant mother and addressed to the unborn child. Rather than being totally baby oriented, most of the pages deal instead with helping the child get to know the parents better. Some examples are: “The career I have chosen. Ways that it suits me; Or a career I hope to pursue in the future;” “My favorite fragrance, color, flower, sound;” and “Some of my most prized possessions are….”I am presently five months pregnant. Through this journal, I have for the first time in my life written down many things about myself, and I think my child will enjoy reading it in the future. I certainly wish my mother had kept a similar journal! I do have a couple of complaints, however. First, I wish the book had page numbers. Without page numbers, I find that I have to leaf through the whole thing to search for a specific section. Second, the book is so provoking that I find I lot more to say than can fit on just one page. As a result, I have taken to composing my responses on the computer. One day, I plan to print everything out and just paste them in or create a separate “answer book” to accompany the journal. On many pages, I also want to include photos but there is little room. I wish the book were spiral bound, so that I could expand it by adding extra pages.

Anonymous @ 2:10 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by for Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal
This is a nice journal, but what I was unhappy with is that it’s just a journal, so if you are like me, and not a big writer, this isn’t the one for you. I was expecting more of a fill-in type like a baby book, with some space for writing and pictures, but every page is just lined, with a heading, such as “your name”. I can’t fill a whole page with just stuff about a name! There are no specific spots for keeping up with weight gain, first movements, etc, you just have to write it essay style. She does give great sentence starters, though, to get your thoughts going. Also, there are no specific places for ultrasound or pregnant pictures. So, if you love to journal, this is the book for you, if not, keep looking!

Nicole @ 2:40 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by Nicole for Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal
I bought this book only a week or so after I found out I was pregnant. I knew it was the right one as soon as I picked it up in the book store. It has lots of room for writing. There is a phrase on most pages to help your ideas flow. It can be used in chronological order. That is what I liked best. You can log every doctor apt, weight and all of your feelings and thoughts for the present and future. Plus it is purple, my favorite color!! I would reccomend this book to anyone that wants to give their child a true treasure when they are old enough to read and understand it.

Oregon Mom @ 3:30 am #

Pregnancy Planner Review by Oregon Mom for Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal
So many pregnancy journals out there have very little room to write. They are filled more with facts and medical information, and I already had all that in my pregnancy book the doctor gave me. I searched several bookstores and had almost resigned myself to buying a blank journal, when at last I found this one. It has so much room to write; I love it! And even though I didn’t get the journal until 10 weeks into my pregnancy I can still easily fill in nearly all the pages (an added bonus since other journals sometimes are too rigid in their day-by-day notes). I highly recommend this for any parents-to-be. My only wish is that the book was spiral bound…easier to write in. But I may just cut the book apart and comb bind it myself.

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!! @ 4:22 am #

I think its fun and something you can look back on and remember. You can just go to walmart or some place like that and get a cute notebook or even a regular notebook. It would be kinda neat to go through it with your kids when they get older and maybe even if you have a daughter and shes pregnant to compare things.

Mandy Boo @ 5:12 am #

I bought one called Happy Baby, Happy Mom or something like that. I hardly ever use it. If i remember I will go back and update past weeks, but I’m never current. It does do a good job a laying out each week and each milestone.

Dakota's mom is due 5/24 #2 @ 6:06 am #

I did and I love going back and reading it. I am also doing one this time around too!

Chrissy @ 6:18 am #

Yeah. Why not? It would definitely be nice to go back years down the road and read about experiences you were going through. I have one. =)