Pregnancy Journals: Great Expectations Planner

Pregnancy Journal & Planner – Great Expectations, Revised Edition

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This invaluable book is sure to become a treasured keepsake and the best expectant mother’s helper ever! Written by the acclaimed mother-and-daughter team who brought us Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy & Childbirth, it features a week-by-week journal; checklists of things to do; pre-scripted interviews for meetings with potential healthcare and childcare providers.

It also features baby gear and maternity-wear lists; tidbits about baby’s development in utero; and guided fill-in space for writing down other important details, such as information from doctor appointments and directions to the birthing facility. A personal directory enables the mom-to-be keep all her pregnancy-related contact information in one easy-to-access place.


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Question by badgirlbabyangel: can you tell me where i can find a site….?
i’m looking for a pregnancy planner site, and i can’t find one – one that is where i can know when my egg is ready and i can plan a baby……i once found a site, but cant remember the name of it – something about planned pregnancy or something like that. Could you help me out?

The Third Trimester: Getting Closer To Your Journey’s End

The end is near and you begin counting the days to your due date. Again, fear does not go away since giving birth is another event to overcome on your way to motherhood. Like any other endings, the third trimester is a harbinger to a more exciting event in your life. With the remarkable developments in the last few weeks as pregnant mother, the last trimester is both an ending and a beginning – the end of the baby’s life inside your womb and the beginning of his journey outside as an individual. Anticipating for the birth of your child is also knowing what to expect during the last weeks of his stay inside you.

As you prepare for all baby materials for the coming of your child, your baby also gears up for getting out of the womb. Your baby needs to be equipped with a healthy and fully developed body that will help him survive the world outside. The baby continues to grow and gain weight with body systems achieving maturity. This can be the most uncomfortable moment for the mother since she begins to feel heavy and tired to move or walk longer distances. Fetal development continues while you care to complete your pregnancy planner before birth. The approaching of your due date is indicator enough that you have to practice movements or exercises that will ease up the act of giving birth especially those who are first-time mothers. For those who are planning to breastfeed, breastfeeding courses can be undergone by you to teach you of proper breast feeding techniques.

What to expect during the third trimester is that everything seems to achieve full growth potential. On week 28th, the fifteen-inch long baby is now capable to open and close the eyes and is able to sleep within 20-30 minutes. On week 29, the baby’s movement is more forceful than ever. This is because the bones are now fully developed which contribute to vigorous and frequent movements. On week 33 following the maturity of the eyes, the baby can now detect the presence of light. The 36th week is a moment to look forward to as baby learn to suck his thumb. The whole duration of the third trimester is your baby’s chance to make movements to prepare for the head down position. On the last week before your much-awaited due date, the placenta will provide your baby with antibodies to act as protection for the elements outside the womb.

The counting is nearly coming to end and you have already completed your pregnancy planner to guide you before, during and after giving birth. The end of the third trimester is now within your reach. Your baby is now a few a few moments away from your arms. Let a loving heart and a nurturing hand welcome him in his travel with you through life. What to expect with his birth can be more than the words you have at hand. Seeing him, touching him and loving him is all you can do to express your joy as the mother.

Like any other ending, the third trimester is the final stage to a more exciting event in your life. With the remarkable developments in the last few weeks as pregnant mother,  the third trimester is both an ending and a beginning – the end of the baby’s life inside your womb and the beginning of his journey outside as an individual.

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picklebreath @ 6:28 pm #

I liked baby zone they even have a Chinese Lunar calendar gender predictor that was true for me! 27 yrs, conceived in March, I’m having a girl. Doc said so today.
Good luck to you!