Pregnancy Journal Book: A Keepsake Journal to Chart Your Progress

Pregnancy Journal Book: A Keepsake To Chart Your Progress + Thoughts

pregnancy journal book

From the authors of the best-selling Your Pregnancy Week by Week series, a handsomely packaged pregnancy journal book that is also a wonderful resource for expectant mothers. The nine months of pregnancy are a special time for all women, a time of wonder, dreams, hopes and, above all, awesome physical change.

Your Pregnancy Journal is the perfect place for women to record thoughts and also to keep a record of their physical progress as they march toward delivery. In addition to ample space for the mom-to-be to write weekly musings and keep track of doctor appointments, test results, and changes in weight, blood pressure, and belly measurements.

This elegantly designed journal includes a wealth of helpful and interesting medical, nutritional, and exercise information and tips. The perfect gift, Your Pregnancy Journal is also a wonderfully wise and reassuring resource for a mother-to-be.

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Question by Mommy to be of Twins! 4/9/2011: Have you ever kept a pregnancy diary/journal?
Hello out there! I was just curious if anyone out there kept a pregnancy journal? And if so, do you keep it for your own memories or do you write it to your future child? What kinds of things do you include? Did you start it when you were trying to conceive or once you knew you were pregnant?

Answer by Delilah*Comming soon! 6~26~10!
No I did not but the other day I was thinking I really should have. I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby $ 3 3 and its nice to remember everthing about your pregnancy all the symptoms week by week or month to month. I really wish I could remember all that from my first and second pregnancy! I do remember some stuff but not all. So that’s why I was thinking I should have done one with this pregnancy For my self my children and any one else.

Early Signs of Pregnancy – Learn More

A missed period is a definite early sign of pregnancy but even before you miss any period there are so many other early sign of the pregnancy that can tell you whether or not you are pregnant. However, the problem with most of the early sign of pregnancy is that are similar to what you may observe before the arrival of the period. Determining whether you are pregnant or not with the help of the early sign of pregnancy without any pregnancy test is just like solving a difficult puzzle. It is not compulsory that every single women experience every early sign of pregnancy. However, it is also unlikely that you do not experience any one of them.

Swollen Breasts Along With Tenderness

Tenderness of the breast is an early sign of pregnancy that starts appearing very early immediately after the conception. This early pregnancy symptom tell us that body has started naturally preparing itself for the arrival and feeding of the child. According to the experts of the pregnancy health and the pregnancy journal you should not make the mistake of linking it with the pre menstrual symptoms because during pregnancy sometimes you may experience swollen breasts instead of the tenderness in the breast.

Feeling Less Energetic

If you are feeling tiredness and are not feeling that much energetic as you normally used to be then this may also be an early sign of pregnancy. In these kinds of circumstances most of the women make the mistake of linking this tiredness and lack of energetic feeling with the other things happening around them, while, in reality this is an early sign of pregnancy. There are several factors responsible for this tiredness. Some of them are change in the hormones, chemistry of the body and the activity that the body of any woman needs to do at the time of the conception. If you are experiencing this kind of fatigue then it is better to take more sleep.

Nausea, Increase In Appetite

Nausea is a distinctive early sign of pregnancy. Here again people make the mistake of associating it with the food poisoning, stomach flu or anything similar to this. If the nausea continues and does not subside then one must assume that she is pregnant. Many women also feel increased hunger as compared to when they were not pregnant. This is very much natural process because the body requires more nutrition for the growth and development of the embryo. On the contrary some of the women may feel a complete loss of the appetite. In some cases the women may complaint of lost appetite or increased appetite on different days varying with the other early pregnancy symptom.

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Comments on Pregnancy Journal Book: A Keepsake Journal to Chart Your Progress

kim @ 7:58 pm #

I plan writing it once we start trying to conceive. I may even write an entry or two before we start because we know we want one, but we cannot start trying yet because my husband is deployed. I am going to write it like a diary or blog, but if my child wants to read it later in life, they can. :) I plan on writing it for me, and so my child can know that they were loved, and be able to hear about their life before they remember it.

Due Oct 26, 10 with first baby! @ 8:05 pm #

I got a great one at the local book store and it keeps track weekly. It asks weekly about energy levels, cravings, mood, sickness….. my mother in law also bought me the what to expect journal but that has just way too many questions in it!