Pregnancy Books For Moms

Pregnancy Books For Moms

pregnancy books for momsFrom the experts at Parenting magazine comes this superb series of pregnancy books for moms that’s both an informative guide to pregnancy and a personal keepsake journal for moms-to-be. Organized week by week and packed with insights from experienced moms along with helpful charts and checklists.

Pregnancy Planner offers practical and emotional support in a beautiful package. The lay-flat binding and handy tabs make it easy to keep track of the myriad details throughout these nine months, while the stylish design provides an attractive place to document early memories.

With detailed advice on diet, exercise, sex, and sleep as well as tips on what gear to buy, this invaluable resource is the perfect planner for expecting moms.

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Planning For A Successful Pregnancy

Planning to become pregnant isn’t just about ensuring you are financially secure, a great deal of preparation can be involved with your mental health and well being as well as your own personal organization when a baby is on the way. Something as simple as a Pregnancy Planner can go a long way to ensuring that you not only stay physically fit but you are also preparing your home and personal surroundings throughout your 9 months of pregnancy.

The first thing that will be established is your overall health, including any chronic medical conditions and how they will affect your pregnancy. You will need to take a look at any medications or supplements you currently take to determine their safety during pregnancy. When deciding when to get pregnant, your age is an important consideration. After 35, the risk of miscarriage or birth defects starts to increase. It’s important to address these issues before and after conception.

Making sure that you are up to date on your vaccines is an important physical aspect to pregnancy as well. Aside from being a miserable time to be sick, major illness during pregnancy can put your baby at risk. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is also important to planning a pregnancy. Finally, you will need to decide when to stop using birth control, and whether you should wait a while after going off the pill to attempt conception. A pregnancy planner can help you keep up to date with this as well.

Before attempting to become pregnant, spend some time going over the pregnancy symptoms week by week, so that you will know what to expect, and what to look for as a sign that you are pregnant. Once your body is in perfect physical condition and ready to conceive, you will be ready to start trying and watching for those first signs of being pregnant! A pregnancy planner is ideal for using in the run up to pregnancy, throughout gestation and many planners are also designed as keepsakes for post pregnancy journalling.

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