My First Five Years – New Life Gift Set

my first five years

The stunning My First Five Years: “New Life Slipcase Gift Set” from world renowned photographer Anne Geddes is a wonderful gift for mothers to record all the important details and precious moments from pregnancy to a child’s first five years, and the continuing journey of Motherhood.

Containing 3 beautiful journals; “My Pregnancy Journal”, “My First Five Years: a Record of early Childhood”, and “Motherhood: a Journal”, this beautifully presented and well-constructed slipcase set graced with Anne Geddes’ stunning baby imagery will be a keepsake to treasure.

This trio of journals is the perfect gift for all mother’s-to-be.



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.Question by Aimee’s Mommy: Can you recommend a good pregnancy journal for me?

I am looking for something cute that I can record all the details of my pregnancy in. Preferably something that I can keep the pregnancy tests and ultra sound photos in. I would like it to have fill in the blanks for me instead of being just a blank slate. Any recommendations? It is just so hard to tell what I’m looking at when shopping online.

Answer by JoJoK
I bought a journal, Winnie the Pooh, at Target and it had all the fill-in-the-blanks, questions about the parents, what happened the day you found out you were prego, places for pics of the nursery, ultrasound, dad and mom on their wedding day, etc…it’s really cute. I’m prego again, due in October so I bought another one but I got it at Walmart, it’s set up the same way.

I had kept the prego tests at first too in a plastic baggy, but then i could smell the urine (gross!) so i ended up just saving the receipt for it and taking a pic of the test with the plus sign…hehehe! Good luck! :)

Pregnancy – Maintaining Your Health 

Couples trying for a baby are overjoyed on discovering the pregnancy. It is one of the happiest times for a woman to feel a part of creation; one cannot thank heaven enough for the blessings. Creating life is a miraculous feeling; one must develop a happy and positive outlook towards life and enjoy every moment of the pregnancy.

It not only brings with it an expanding waistline but also many other body changes. To enjoy the fruits of motherhood one must take these changes in the stride and maintain good health and a happy attitude for the well being of both the mother and the baby.

Basics of a healthy pregnancy

Some of the early signs of a pregnancy are nausea and vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, over sensitivity in taste and smell towards common foodstuffs, backaches, headaches and general pains, fatigue and tiredness, swelling and soreness of breasts, change in body and complexion, and sleeping trouble.

As the body undergoes hormonal changes to accommodate a new life, a woman may feel initially feel uncomfortable. Try to overcome them by making some changes in your life pattern. Do not resort to over the counter medicines without consulting your doctor. Try a few simple methods to help you feel better:

Eat small meals at frequent intervals

Lie down and rest when tired

Apply heat to ease aches and pains

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Avoid strenuous exercises

Take small walks in fresh air

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Call your doctor if the problems persist for professional help.

The emotional and mental changes are a part of pregnancy, along with the massive changes in the body. Do not get overly alarmed, but maintain good pregnancy health with proper nutrition, exercise and positive outlook towards life. Listen to the body signs and remain happy. Do not let irritability and mood swings disturb the life. The body’s metabolism and the growing baby in the uterus can interfere with leading a normal life and disturb sleep patterns. Find ways to relax and get over these problems for a happier outlook during the pregnancy.

Do not hesitate to call your gynecologist, doctor or a midwife if there are any signs of problems or something is bothering you. Any abnormal vaginal bleeding, fluid leakage, fever, swelling of body, persistent pains and cramps or changes in baby’s movements call for immediate attention by a doctor. Remedial measures in time leads to a happy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Keeping a pregnancy journal is another great idea, to keep a record of the happenings and feelings experienced by you during your pregnancy. It is a way of focusing on a your successes or changes to pave the way towards positive outlook and change in perspective during pregnancy. It also serves as means of sharing your personal experiences during pregnancy with other people, friends or family. Pregnancy journal can be reference record for your subsequent pregnancies too.

Visit Stages Of Pregnancy Development to view the stages of pregnancy for both you and your developing baby.

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Pregnancy And Baby Journal: For Expecting Parents

pregnancy and baby journal

A life story begins in the womb, and the chapter set there is one that parents and children alike can always cherish. Getting to Know You is a guided journal for expecting parents, helping them chronicle every emotion, wish, and detail experienced during those very special nine months.

Author/counselor Christine Dorn has thought of everything. Along with the baby basics, Getting to Know You includes colorful illustrations, display areas for mementos, a how-to section on journal writing, and guidelines that ensure this book will be a child’s keepsake in later years.

Rating: (out of 15 reviews)


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Question by CawyersMommie: What is a good website to create a free online pregnancy journal?

I am looking for a website that I can record thoughts about my pregnancy, monitor weight gain, record baby names, etc. I would just go buy a book but I was looking for a free way out. Any suggestions will help. Thanks!!

No Pregnancy Symptoms? Find Out Exactly Why This May Happen

There are occasions when pregnant women will experience no pregnancy symptoms in the first few weeks and, for some, this can be a cause for concern. It is important to remember that no 2 pregnancies are ever the same and although a lot of women quite naturally experience an aversion to the intense production of pregnancy hormones, some will not. Many will experience an expected level of tiredness that they may attribute to work, stress or day-to-day family commitments or even a slight case of nausea may never actually be attributed to being pregnant.

One of the first obvious signs of pregnancy is missing your monthly period and, for reasons unknown, some women will continue having light periods throughout their entire gestation which still results in the birth of a healthy, developed baby. Having irregular periods can be fairly common, which in itself is no cause for concern, so it is no surprise that this irregularity can follow through to pregnancy.

Continuing to bleed in early pregnancy can also be attributed to the embryo embedding itself into the lining of the uterus which can often mislead some women into thinking they are having a light period, leaving them with a lack of pregnancy symptoms which are not obvious to them. This can, in turn, result in them not knowing for weeks or even months that they are even carrying.

Many women worry that if they do not experience clearly recognizable, text-book, symptoms and have no morning sickness in the first few weeks that their pregnancy is weak or at risk. This is simply not the case and there is no right or wrong way to feel. Experiencing no symptoms at all will not, in itself, have any bearing on you being able to carry a healthy child to full term.

No 2 women will have a pregnancy, the journey throughout or a labor that will be identical. If you have any misgivings to how you are feeling then your healthcare provider will always check you over and be able to reassure you during your routine ante natal and health checks.

If you have no symptoms of pregnancy or would like to know more about common symptoms and your development throughout your pregnancy week by week then visit:

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Pregnancy Journal & Planner – Great Expectations, Revised Edition

pregnancy journals
This invaluable book is sure to become a treasured keepsake and the best expectant mother’s helper ever! Written by the acclaimed mother-and-daughter team who brought us Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy & Childbirth, it features a week-by-week journal; checklists of things to do; pre-scripted interviews for meetings with potential healthcare and childcare providers.

It also features baby gear and maternity-wear lists; tidbits about baby’s development in utero; and guided fill-in space for writing down other important details, such as information from doctor appointments and directions to the birthing facility. A personal directory enables the mom-to-be keep all her pregnancy-related contact information in one easy-to-access place.


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Question by badgirlbabyangel: can you tell me where i can find a site….?
i’m looking for a pregnancy planner site, and i can’t find one – one that is where i can know when my egg is ready and i can plan a baby……i once found a site, but cant remember the name of it – something about planned pregnancy or something like that. Could you help me out?

The Third Trimester: Getting Closer To Your Journey’s End

The end is near and you begin counting the days to your due date. Again, fear does not go away since giving birth is another event to overcome on your way to motherhood. Like any other endings, the third trimester is a harbinger to a more exciting event in your life. With the remarkable developments in the last few weeks as pregnant mother, the last trimester is both an ending and a beginning – the end of the baby’s life inside your womb and the beginning of his journey outside as an individual. Anticipating for the birth of your child is also knowing what to expect during the last weeks of his stay inside you.

As you prepare for all baby materials for the coming of your child, your baby also gears up for getting out of the womb. Your baby needs to be equipped with a healthy and fully developed body that will help him survive the world outside. The baby continues to grow and gain weight with body systems achieving maturity. This can be the most uncomfortable moment for the mother since she begins to feel heavy and tired to move or walk longer distances. Fetal development continues while you care to complete your pregnancy planner before birth. The approaching of your due date is indicator enough that you have to practice movements or exercises that will ease up the act of giving birth especially those who are first-time mothers. For those who are planning to breastfeed, breastfeeding courses can be undergone by you to teach you of proper breast feeding techniques.

What to expect during the third trimester is that everything seems to achieve full growth potential. On week 28th, the fifteen-inch long baby is now capable to open and close the eyes and is able to sleep within 20-30 minutes. On week 29, the baby’s movement is more forceful than ever. This is because the bones are now fully developed which contribute to vigorous and frequent movements. On week 33 following the maturity of the eyes, the baby can now detect the presence of light. The 36th week is a moment to look forward to as baby learn to suck his thumb. The whole duration of the third trimester is your baby’s chance to make movements to prepare for the head down position. On the last week before your much-awaited due date, the placenta will provide your baby with antibodies to act as protection for the elements outside the womb.

The counting is nearly coming to end and you have already completed your pregnancy planner to guide you before, during and after giving birth. The end of the third trimester is now within your reach. Your baby is now a few a few moments away from your arms. Let a loving heart and a nurturing hand welcome him in his travel with you through life. What to expect with his birth can be more than the words you have at hand. Seeing him, touching him and loving him is all you can do to express your joy as the mother.

Like any other ending, the third trimester is the final stage to a more exciting event in your life. With the remarkable developments in the last few weeks as pregnant mother,  the third trimester is both an ending and a beginning – the end of the baby’s life inside your womb and the beginning of his journey outside as an individual.

You can prepare for the end of your pregnancy and learn what to expect during the last trimester of pregnancy at Aha! Baby. You can also find a pregnancy planner at Aha! Baby that matches your needs to serve as your guide in welcoming your baby.

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My Pregnancy Journal

anne geddes baby book

It’s only natural that an artist best known for her celebration of babies would create the perfect way to honor the joys and challenges of pregnancy. Anne Geddes’ latest book, Pure: My Pregnancy Journal, makes the perfect gift for mothers-to-be. Adorned with the striking, trademark images from her recent triumph Pure, Anne’s journal celebrates the miracle of life by marking the rites of passage that women experience over the course of their pregnancy.

“What I wish most for my baby,” “Dream I have been having,” “What I really enjoy about being pregnant.” These and many other journal-entry prompts make this the ultimate easy-to-use method to record these special times. Ample space allows expectant mothers generous room for their milestones and memories – details that will become treasured gifts to their children in years to come.

Anne’s beautiful images cast warm tones and a magical feeling over the entire journal, drawing gift recipients into the wonderful world of awaiting motherhood. Babies, mothers, nature, nurturing … it’s all included, setting the stage for the personal and precious record this journal will become.

Rating: (out of 22 reviews)


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Question by Samantha: What is a good pregnancy journal to get?
I was thinking about getting a pregnancy journal or something to document stuff about my pregnancy. So I was wondering if anyone would recommend a really good one to get. I was looking at a couple on but I wasn’t sure if they were any good.

Answer by Katie T
This is my favorite:

it has day to day notes on what exactly is going on with the baby each day…it’s pretty cool
I highly recommend it

Sign of Pregnancy ? The Unmistakable Symptoms

The classic early sign of pregnancy is nausea that refuses to subside, the missed periods and achy feeling all over. Some women start feeling very hungry while some baulk at the sight of food. There is no checklist to determine the early sign of pregnancy as all the pregnancies differ from one to another. If you look closely your body tells you all signs of pregnancy long before the medical pregnancy tests confirms it.

Sign of pregnancy

There are several symptoms and signs of pregnancy experienced fairly early, even before the missed periods stage. Nearly all women go through it. Some women may overlook it, as they are not able to distinguish the early signs of pregnancy from similar health problems. While some women immediately sense the abrupt change in their body and take precaution. Some of these early signs of pregnancy are:

General fatigue: You may notice that you feel tired, fatigued and lack of energy. A feeling of laziness engulfs with no apparent cause. This fatigue is the result of change in hormones and body chemistry as it prepares it self to welcome a new life. The fatigue starts soon after conception and is generally the first and foremost sign of pregnancy. Do not resort to pep pills but instead get into the bed and sleep till later. Work off fatigue with short naps and relaxation as and when you feel low.

Tenderness of breasts: Raging hormones cause tenderness in the breasts, swelling and soreness soon after conception. Many women ignore this symptom associating it with PMS syndrome. Change in the breast is one of the early sign of pregnancy and stays till end of the pregnancy. It is the nature’s way to prepare a woman for impending motherhood and nurturing of the baby. Slight spotting before periods: It is a rare but important sign of pregnancy and happens before your due period date. This spotting or light bleeding or a pink vaginal discharge occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus.

While nausea, missed periods and general aches and pains are the sure signs of pregnancy in early stages. It is best to record these body changes and early signs of pregnancy in a pregnancy journal. The journal records your experiences, feelings and thoughts that can be shared with family or friends either for their benefit or for enjoying your happy moments. A pregnancy journal has a way of taking away your attention from general pains and aches to make you a happier person.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed maintain a weekly pregnancy calendar to record the growth and progress of the embryo to babyhood. This also helps in keeping track of your due date, baby’s development and mother’s health starting from the day you discover the first sign of pregnancy.

Apurva Shree is the online editor of free pregnancy information resource She has developed this site to provide valuable information on early pregnancy symptoms and useful methods to enjoy your pregnancy period and the ways in which you welcome your new world of motherhood. Early Sign of is your free resource that not only provides information on early sign of pregnancy but the other aspects of pregnancy too.

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The What to Expect When Expecting Pregnancy Journal & Organizer

what to expect when expectingYour Personal Pregnancy Companion

A Journal and daily diary to record all those memorable moments in the making of your baby—from the test coming back positive to the first ultrasound. From the first kick to delivery to the first cuddle.

An Organizer to keep track of everything pregnancy: practitioner visits and shopping lists, birthing plans and birth announcements, baby names and baby gifts.

An All-in-One Place to write down everything you’ll want to remember about the most exciting nine months of your life.

Rating: (out of 53 reviews)


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Question by shesxchaotic: Anyone have recommendations on a good pregnancy journal and books?
Hi there. I am looking for a good pregnancy journal. Like one that has somewhere to put ultrasound and belly pictures and can record how I’m feeling and when I feel the first kick, etc. I know they sell them on but there are so many!!

Also any pregnancy books that you could suggest would be great as well.

Answer by strawberry
I love the What To Expect books. I read What To Expect When You’re Expecting and just started What To Expect The First Year. Also a great book to get to help know what to buy for the baby is Baby Bargains, it has helped my husband and I figure out what we actually NEED and what are good buys for every price range. Good luck!

The First Week Sign of Pregnancy ? Time to Get Alerted To Your Pregnancy

The first week sign of pregnancy ticks the alarm that you have started blooming a new life inside you. The pregnancy symptoms are not so visible in the first week of pregnancy. Both your physical and mental health undergoes certain changes after you become pregnant. Make a note of all these changes that start surfacing as early pregnancy symptoms within a couple days from conceiving. Onset of these symptoms at the first week of pregnancy marks implantation of fetus in the uterus and gradual development of it in your body.

Drastic hormonal changes take place during this phase to support growth of the baby and the symptoms are just your body’s reaction to these changes. Hence, take care of your body and monitor each first week sign of pregnancy and add to your pregnancy journal to create a week by week pregnancy calendar till the end of nine months course of pregnancy. Pregnancy journals or calendars help women to observe if they are making healthy progress towards childbirth.

How To Determine First Week Of Pregnancy

Now many women wonder how to calculate their pregnancy. Which is the first day of their nine months course of pregnancy? Usually, the first day of the last menstrual period commences the nine months duration of pregnancy. That means the day on which the last normal menstrual period ends is the day when you have become pregnant.

Usually, the ovulation is a thirty-day period and during this time, egg from ovary travels gets into fallopian tube where it is fertilized by a sperm and then descends to uterus for getting developed. The period when the fertilized egg gets into the inner lining of the uterus is considered the first week of pregnancy. Implantation of the fertilized egg at the inner lining of the uterus can be perceivable by slight bleeding and other symptoms. Take care to notice each first week sign of pregnancy for the right calculation of the pregnancy period and to be prepared for the childbirth, gradually.

First Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Following are the most probable changes pregnant women are supposed to undergo at the first week of pregnancy – When you are suddenly experiencing a degree of enhanced exhaustion even If you are a full-fledged healthy, active workingwoman, you should take it seriously. Women many tend to feel a heightened level of exhaustion and may even faint due to low blood pressure. Feeling nausea in the morning or throughout the day is a prevalent first week sign of pregnancy. Often your stomach may prone to feel queasy and feel aversion to foods.

Frequent urination is another first week sign of pregnancy. If you are expecting pregnancy, you may rush to bathroom more frequently than ever. Enlarging of your uterus to accommodate growth of the fetus inside it pushes your bladder and cause frequent urination. Implantation bleeding is a significant first week sign of pregnancy. Because this bleeding results from implanting of egg in the uterus, it is termed as implantation bleeding. This light bleeding may accompany slight abdominal cramping.

Your breasts will show significant changes such as varicose veins, getting larger, more tender, sore and sensitive. You will undergo dramatic mood swings and depression, anxiety, sudden onset of joy etc. This drastic transition of mood is an outcome of hormonal changes. Gas is an embarrassing first week sign of pregnancy. However, you can reduce such discomforts by enriching your meals with adequate fibers and cutting down on spices. Constipation can accompany this gas symptom of pregnancy.

To reduce discomforts of first week sign of pregnancy, consume proper diet containing vitamin, mineral and folic acid as per charted by your doctor.

First week sign of pregnancy is very difficult to detect because even the early pregnancy symptoms or very early signs of pregnancy start showing in the second or third week. When the pregnancy symptoms become obvious, you can start maintaining a pregnancy journal to keep a week-by-week pregnancy track. Early Pregnancy Symptom provides more information and details about pregnancy signs and symptoms.

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Your Practical Pregnancy Planner

pregnancy planner guide

An indispensable legal guide, financial planner, and organizer for your journey through pregnancy and into parenthood

There are dozens of good books telling you what you need to know about the physical and emotional aspects of having a baby. But until now there were none devoted to the many financial and legal concerns of expectant parents, issues such as: “What are my rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act?” “Can the hospital run tests on my newborn without my permission?” “Should I take out a life insurance policy on my newborn?”

Written by family law attorney Brette McWhorter Sember, this book answers all those questions and more. Your Practical Pregnancy Planner:

  • Fills you in on what you need to know about everything from maternity leave to estate planning, pregnancy discrimination to cord blood banking
  • Features a handy, month-by-month format that provides you with the answers you need, as you need them
  • Includes valuable links to organizations, agencies, and websites for expecting and new parents
  • More info…

Rating: (out of 10 reviews)


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Question by Sarah C: Anyone know of a free pregnancy journal/record keeper (NOT an online one)?
I would love to get a free journal/record keeper to have for my pregnancy, but funds are tight and I was wondering if anyone knew of any website that offered one for free. I do NOT want an online journal, I want one that I can actually write in every day, maybe one that has info for each week as you progress.

I know State Farm used to offer one (I got their free wedding planner) but it seems they no longer offer that.

Answer by Smart-Biatch
Why don’t you just use a diary of somesort?A book to keep up to date of whats happening.Also you may want to try a recorder..:)

The Prescription HCG Diet Planner Is Easy To Utilize

Throughout the diet industry, one of the top leaders is believed to be Prescription HCG.  Prescription HCG offers the dieter a simple program to follow with online tools that complement the process.  The Prescription HCG Diet Planner is one of the tools that dieters can utilize in weight loss management.  Through the Prescription HCG Diet Planner, the person can read the recipe book, plan fun menus, communicate with other dieters, and watch his/her weight loss progression.  On an average, a dieter in the Prescription HCG program will lose up to 2 pounds a day, or up to 10 pounds in one week.

HCG is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic gonadotropin.  This is a natural element found in the human body, commonly connected with pregnancy because of its correlation to the reproduction process.  Prescription HCG helps to manage how the body works to lose weight and keep off the pounds. During pregnancy, levels of HCG are believed to increase (a pregnancy indicator).  It increases in the female body during pregnancy so that progesterone is stimulated.  Dr. A.T.W. Simeons introduced HCG into the weight loss field over 50 years ago.  The program is thought to be a highly successful way to lose weight.

The Prescription HCG Diet Planner was created to complement the dieter in his/her weight loss journey.  The convenient tool is used by doctors, clinics, and weight loss practitioners. The Prescription HCG Diet Planner gives the dieting individual control over his/her weight loss plan by allowing online chartings and observing.  There are meals to track, calories to count, and weight to lose.  The Prescription HCG Diet Planner will help motivate you to keep up the good work and lose weight.

There are many people who are taking the advantage of losing weight with Prescription HCG and using the Prescription HCG Diet Planner online.  Online with the Prescription HCG Diet Planner, one can read important information and communicate with other dieters that have used the program in the past or are currently using it.  The Prescription HCG Diet Planner guides the dieter in shedding pounds and encourages the dieter to stick to the easy to use program.

The Prescription HCG formula can be ingested two ways.  The first is the most preferred method, injected, and the second is taken orally.  They both will offer excellent results.  Some people will lose up to two pounds in one day.  The diet has rules to follow, such as the intake of 500 calories or so, which takes determination by the participant.  The online eCookbook offered by Prescription HCG makes this easy, though, with its recipes and tasty selection.  The low calorie plan and recipes offered will encourage the dieter to reach for ideal results while sticking to the program.  Make planning meals fun!

The Prescription HCG program has online resources and information for you to read.  It is suggested that you take the time to read the information and contact others in the program to help guarantee success.  Pay attention and follow the rules.  You will gain confidence in yourself and lose those unwanted pounds by using the Prescription HCG diet plan.

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What to Expect Pregnancy Planner

what to expect pregnancy planner

Introducing the newest addition to the WHAT TO EXPECT family: an indispensable “dateless” 42-week pregnancy planner and appointment-keeper for the wall that starts the day a woman discovers she’s a mother-to-be and continues through delivery. Created by the authors of America’s pregnancy bible with over ten million copies in print, this is the perfect place to record personal pregnancy dates and notes while keeping track of appointments, questions for the doctor, fetal movements, shopping lists, weight gain, and anything else.

A 10″ x 10″ wire-o-bound grid, the conveniently sized planner will hang in the office, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever it’s needed. It covers 42 weeks (the usual 40-week gestation period, plus two extra weeks in case baby arrives late), displaying two weeks on each page. Weeks 1 to 22 are on the front pages. Then flip the entire calendar for weeks 23 to 42 on the back.

Not only are the dates left to be filled in, but the days are, too. So if Day One for a woman is a Wednesday, that becomes the lead-off day on the grid. The planner is illustrated throughout with full-color watercolors by Judith Cheng and packaged in a decorative gift box, The WHAT TO EXPECT PREGNANCY PLANNER is a must-have for every expecting woman.

Reassuring tips and advice appear on every page.

Rating: (out of 9 reviews)


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Question by dс-яυιεѕ: What are good baby planner books?

Id like to buy a baby planner book…not only my baby can see it when he/she is older but that way i dont forget anything! thnks for the help in advanced…I heard of the “Pregnancy To Do’s: A book fo List for Mom’s-To-Be” book..any other books?

Answer by cococlothes1
dont buy any books if you have the internet.

Your Relationships – Pregnancy

Fertility is reduced with age, and conceptions times for mature couples are longer. Don’t let a few months of waiting to conceive make you and your partner feel inadequate, which can lead to discord in your relationship. One important aspect of preconception care is making sure you feel hopeful and remain emotionally balanced.

Looking After Your Self

The monthly ritual of counting down to your optimal conception days and then waiting for the time of your next period can deplete your emotional energy. There are various strategies you can use to help you and your partner maintain an equilibrium.

Devising A Monthly Routine

Because the waiting phase may last many months you may want to devise the least elaborate monthly routine acceptable to you and your partner. Decide on one method to assess your fertile days and make sure that it feels natural and simple to you. For some women the temperature or cervical mucus method works while others use an ovulation calculator on their computers and mark their calendars accordingly. Stick to just one method. Using several at once may lead to an obsessive preoccupation with conception.

Finding Compassionate Support

After repeated unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, feelings of disappointment and inadequacy can dominate your thoughts. You may wonder whether you will be able to conceive at all. Sharing these emotions with are women who have gone through the preconception phase or are currently doing so can be reassuring, and the advice and support you receive can bring back your positive out look. Relevant support groups can be found on the internet and in your local community. Alternatively you might consider seeing a professional counselor.

Becoming A Parenting Team

Your partner will bring his own hopes and fears to the process of becoming a parent. Traditionally, mothers have been the primary caretakers of children, especially during infancy and many men fear that their wives love will be diverted completely to the baby. It’s always good for both of you to discuss your feelings and remember that your relationship as a couple is really important. Don’t lose sight of this in your attempts to start a family.

Commitment To Parenthood

In an ideal world, both partners in a relationship are equally committed to the process of a planned conception and pregnancy. How ever it may some times be necessary for the more committed partner to make concessions to reward the reluctant partner’s investment of time and effort. A partner may feel happier if for example you could move closer to extended family for practical help or if he could have a regular night out with friends.

Coping With Planned Sex

If you are having any problems or delays in conceiving, you might get to the point where you really need to plan when you have sex to optimize the chances of conceiving. Try not to let the idea of scheduling sex put a strain on your relationship. Instead make the idea of a sex date exciting rather than boring. Leave a suggestive note in his pocket or day planner. Use these times to put aside your every day concerns and focus on your partner. Also remember you don’t have to restrict love making to these times of the month. Focus on the pleasure of being with your partner while having sex rather than on becoming pregnant.

Your Monthly Waiting Cycles

The monthly wait to see whether you menstruate and sharing another failure to conceive can leave you and your partner feeling emotionally drained. Plan for a fertility vacation when you are not trying to get pregnant. Agree on a number of monthly cycles (perhaps once every 4-6 months) where your mind will not be occupied with conceiving. You may plan special times away from home during these weeks and allow your selves an emotional respite.

On Your Own

Single parenting may raise some eyebrows being a trail blazer is never easy. You may have chosen IVF or perhaps decided not to marry the man who will father your baby. You are not alone. More and more women choose not to settle for unsatisfying partnerships in order to have a baby but they still build especially close relationships with their children. A good support network is vital. This network should include a compassionate and capable medical team that you feel comfortable with and that responds to your questions thoughtfully and clearly. Other single parents can also provide valuable support by enabling you to share disappointments and exchange advice with others who have faced similar challenges.

There are also community resources for single pregnant women, information can be found on the internet or at larger hospitals. Birth instructors and your hospital’s women’s center or library often have information on smaller support groups that may suit you.

Author has an experience of more than 4 years writing about high risk pregnancy. He also holds experience writing about nutrition and pregnancy and baby skin care.

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Waiting for Baby

waiting for babyPregnancy is an exciting and magical time; this unique journal will help you record all the joys, fears, and memorable moments. Guided prompts throughout will let you write about your emotions and experiences, and there is space for photographs so you can document your changing body. From your first craving to the first contraction, Waiting for Baby will be your perfect companion and a beautiful keepsake of the journey of pregnancy.

Rating: (out of 41 reviews)


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Question by Sissa: What was/is your favorite pregnancy journal/memory book?
I am trying to find a pregnancy journal/memory book, and there are just way too many choices. So what is/was your favorite pregnancy journal/memory book?? Especially for your first pregnancy. I had a miscarriage, at 9 weeks in June. But I never got a pregnancy journal/memory book. So I am kind of counting this as my first pregnancy.

Answer by 2/20/2009

I absolutely loved this one. My friend actually gave me the one she had used and then I bought another one and re wrote everything. I now have the first year journal that is exactly like that. I’m trying to find the toddler one as well but I’m having a hard time finding a place that its in stock. Hun, when you have that baby in your arms, you will realize that it really was your second pregnancy and that the baby you lost was your first. It was a person. I’m sorry for your loss.

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