My First Five Years: New Life Gift Set

My First Five Years – New Life Gift Set

my first five years

The stunning My First Five Years: “New Life Slipcase Gift Set” from world renowned photographer Anne Geddes is a wonderful gift for mothers to record all the important details and precious moments from pregnancy to a child’s first five years, and the continuing journey of Motherhood.

Containing 3 beautiful journals; “My Pregnancy Journal”, “My First Five Years: a Record of early Childhood”, and “Motherhood: a Journal”, this beautifully presented and well-constructed slipcase set graced with Anne Geddes’ stunning baby imagery will be a keepsake to treasure.

This trio of journals is the perfect gift for all mother’s-to-be.



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.Question by Aimee’s Mommy: Can you recommend a good pregnancy journal for me?

I am looking for something cute that I can record all the details of my pregnancy in. Preferably something that I can keep the pregnancy tests and ultra sound photos in. I would like it to have fill in the blanks for me instead of being just a blank slate. Any recommendations? It is just so hard to tell what I’m looking at when shopping online.

Answer by JoJoK
I bought a journal, Winnie the Pooh, at Target and it had all the fill-in-the-blanks, questions about the parents, what happened the day you found out you were prego, places for pics of the nursery, ultrasound, dad and mom on their wedding day, etc…it’s really cute. I’m prego again, due in October so I bought another one but I got it at Walmart, it’s set up the same way.

I had kept the prego tests at first too in a plastic baggy, but then i could smell the urine (gross!) so i ended up just saving the receipt for it and taking a pic of the test with the plus sign…hehehe! Good luck! :)

Pregnancy – Maintaining Your Health 

Couples trying for a baby are overjoyed on discovering the pregnancy. It is one of the happiest times for a woman to feel a part of creation; one cannot thank heaven enough for the blessings. Creating life is a miraculous feeling; one must develop a happy and positive outlook towards life and enjoy every moment of the pregnancy.

It not only brings with it an expanding waistline but also many other body changes. To enjoy the fruits of motherhood one must take these changes in the stride and maintain good health and a happy attitude for the well being of both the mother and the baby.

Basics of a healthy pregnancy

Some of the early signs of a pregnancy are nausea and vomiting, indigestion, heartburn, over sensitivity in taste and smell towards common foodstuffs, backaches, headaches and general pains, fatigue and tiredness, swelling and soreness of breasts, change in body and complexion, and sleeping trouble.

As the body undergoes hormonal changes to accommodate a new life, a woman may feel initially feel uncomfortable. Try to overcome them by making some changes in your life pattern. Do not resort to over the counter medicines without consulting your doctor. Try a few simple methods to help you feel better:

Eat small meals at frequent intervals

Lie down and rest when tired

Apply heat to ease aches and pains

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Avoid strenuous exercises

Take small walks in fresh air

Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Call your doctor if the problems persist for professional help.

The emotional and mental changes are a part of pregnancy, along with the massive changes in the body. Do not get overly alarmed, but maintain good pregnancy health with proper nutrition, exercise and positive outlook towards life. Listen to the body signs and remain happy. Do not let irritability and mood swings disturb the life. The body’s metabolism and the growing baby in the uterus can interfere with leading a normal life and disturb sleep patterns. Find ways to relax and get over these problems for a happier outlook during the pregnancy.

Do not hesitate to call your gynecologist, doctor or a midwife if there are any signs of problems or something is bothering you. Any abnormal vaginal bleeding, fluid leakage, fever, swelling of body, persistent pains and cramps or changes in baby’s movements call for immediate attention by a doctor. Remedial measures in time leads to a happy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Keeping a pregnancy journal is another great idea, to keep a record of the happenings and feelings experienced by you during your pregnancy. It is a way of focusing on a your successes or changes to pave the way towards positive outlook and change in perspective during pregnancy. It also serves as means of sharing your personal experiences during pregnancy with other people, friends or family. Pregnancy journal can be reference record for your subsequent pregnancies too.

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