Pregnancy Journal

Preparing yourself for parenthood is a huge decision in anyone’s life and takes a great deal of pregnancy planning to ensure that not only do you have enough money, are in a stable relationship, have the emotional maturity but also that your body is physically prepared and your state of health is good. It therefore makes sense to have some sort of pregnancy planner or pregnancy journal to record your day to day journey. Besides, it’s also a fantastic way to preserve all of your most wonderful memories.
pregnancy planner

There are many different types of pregnancy planners in all sizes and colors, some of these journals are used throughout pregnancy and even follow on through after the birth to record your baby’s first year or two. A lot of planners also offer a great deal of advice and guidance to follow through a time line to ensure that you are on track and everything is running smoothly.

These journals can be purchased either hardback or paperback and there are some that you can even prepare online to keep records and ask advice along the way about diet, exercise, worries, expectations, birth, health, baby progress and much, much more.

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Pregnancy Books For Moms

pregnancy books for momsFrom the experts at Parenting magazine comes this superb series of pregnancy books for moms that’s both an informative guide to pregnancy and a personal keepsake journal for moms-to-be. Organized week by week and packed with insights from experienced moms along with helpful charts and checklists.

Pregnancy Planner offers practical and emotional support in a beautiful package. The lay-flat binding and handy tabs make it easy to keep track of the myriad details throughout these nine months, while the stylish design provides an attractive place to document early memories.

With detailed advice on diet, exercise, sex, and sleep as well as tips on what gear to buy, this invaluable resource is the perfect planner for expecting moms.

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Planning For A Successful Pregnancy

Planning to become pregnant isn’t just about ensuring you are financially secure, a great deal of preparation can be involved with your mental health and well being as well as your own personal organization when a baby is on the way. Something as simple as a Pregnancy Planner can go a long way to ensuring that you not only stay physically fit but you are also preparing your home and personal surroundings throughout your 9 months of pregnancy.

The first thing that will be established is your overall health, including any chronic medical conditions and how they will affect your pregnancy. You will need to take a look at any medications or supplements you currently take to determine their safety during pregnancy. When deciding when to get pregnant, your age is an important consideration. After 35, the risk of miscarriage or birth defects starts to increase. It’s important to address these issues before and after conception.

Making sure that you are up to date on your vaccines is an important physical aspect to pregnancy as well. Aside from being a miserable time to be sick, major illness during pregnancy can put your baby at risk. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases is also important to planning a pregnancy. Finally, you will need to decide when to stop using birth control, and whether you should wait a while after going off the pill to attempt conception. A pregnancy planner can help you keep up to date with this as well.

Before attempting to become pregnant, spend some time going over the pregnancy symptoms week by week, so that you will know what to expect, and what to look for as a sign that you are pregnant. Once your body is in perfect physical condition and ready to conceive, you will be ready to start trying and watching for those first signs of being pregnant! A pregnancy planner is ideal for using in the run up to pregnancy, throughout gestation and many planners are also designed as keepsakes for post pregnancy journalling.

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Pregnancy Journal – The Complete Baby Journal, Organizer & Keepsake

pregnancy journal

The Complete Baby Pregnancy Journal, Organizer & Keepsake, 2nd Edition is the newest addition to the family of baby journals by parenting experts Alex and Elizabeth Lluch. The adorable kit includes 7 wonderful products and comes redesigned in new, brighter colors.

Inside this kit new parents will find the beautifully illustrated My Baby Journal, with space for mementos of baby’s first years; a fun baby growth wall chart; worksheets to track gifts, doctor visits, medical records, and childcare contacts; emergency number cards; baby info wallet cards; 24 photo frames; and 6 organizational file folders for keeping art projects, health records, important personal documents, and more.

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Question by want2b mommy of 2: where can I buy a pregnancy journal?
I just found out that i am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant. My Husband and I are looking for a pregnancy journal or diary. I have seen a few but i am kind of picky. I want one that has questions and talks about the development of the baby but i want one that has a lot of space for me to write about my development and how i am feeling and a place towrite doctor appts. ect. do you know of any stores or online sites? thanks

Answer by Miss Kay
there’s one at target that is really nice and i’m sure you can get on at a bookstore and my friend got one from the hospital (or doctor I don’t remember) but I’m not sure what it looked like or anything.

The Different Types of Journals

There are several unique types of journals. You may find that you want to keep several journals for various different areas of your life. Perhaps you like to travel, so a travel journal is an excellent way of keeping your mementos and thoughts about different countries. Or, maybe you are expecting a new baby or other major life-changing event. No matter what your journaling goal is, you are bound to find one that will help you grow and remember different areas of your life. Different types of journals include:

Personal Diary

The most common type of journal is a personal journal allows you to write about your day-to-day life and personal feelings. You can discuss your daily life events and how you feel about them. You can tell a funny story about something that happened to you today, etc. Your entries don’t have to be long accounts of your day, but simple entries that allow you to express how you feel and then review those entries later for self-growth.

Dream journal

A dream journal is a unique way to inspire recall and record of your dreams. Dreams are a like a window into the human psyche and you can often learn a lot about yourself through journaling. This type of journal should be kept at your bedside so that you can jot down the dream the moment you wake up. A dream journal can be as simple as a spiral notebook; you just need something that is accessible. You also want to have a writing instrument nearby so that you are able to quickly log your dream. There are also special dream journals that help you to recall your dreams through prompting questions. Dream journals have been useful to people who experience recurring dreams that bother them, or to those people who need help coping with insomnia.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is another popular form of journal. This is a great way to document your travels across the country or across the world. These journals allow you to document what you saw and how you felt about the place that you traveled to. Most travel journals begin as blank books that end up being filled with numerous accounts, clippings, tokens and photos. They are excellent for written accounts that not only allow you to describe where and what you are doing, but how you felt about it as well. There have been several famous travel journals documented through the movies.

A very popular one is that of Lieutenant John Dunbar in Dances with Wolves. This journal was a documentation of his observations of the American Indians. In literature we can find Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, which documented his spontaneous road trips with friends across the company. In your own personal travel journal you may want to draw pictures, paste mementos and discuss the good and the bad experiences that you have encountered along your way.

Pregnancy Journal

Many new mothers choose to keep a pregnancy journal. This journal helps them deal with the changes they are feeling and seeing in their bodies. It also helps them to document any odd dreams or emotions that they may be having as well. Many mothers also use these journals as an opportunity to talk to their unborn child and discuss life with them before they are born. These are often shared with the child later in life. There are also guided pregnancy journals that have writing prompts in them. These allow a person who is not a natural writer to be prompted through thought provoking questions.

Questions may be documented monthly. Month one could include questions such as “Describe how you felt the moment you found out you were pregnant” or “Who was the first person you told that you were pregnant?” Month two may be questions like, “What is your favorite food this month?” These unique questions get you to think and write and because they are monthly, you are motivated to write on a regular basis.

Study Journals

Think of the great Indiana Jones and how he followed his father’s journal about his archeological travels. A study journal is what he was using and it is one of the best ways to document the knowledge that you have gained throughout your life. This journal could easily be one that lasts you for several decades so be use a journaling service that will stand the test of time.

Spiritual or Gratitude Journals

These are journals that record spiritual events in your life along with your thoughts on those moments. These could be anywhere from daily thanks to the documentation of your spiritual growth. They can document your prayers, testimony, conversions and other spiritual thoughts and ponderings.

There are a large variety of journals to choose from and you can write about anything that you want.

Javier Colayco is the founder of, a journaling site for keeping a private or public diary. Users can post entries directly in daily journal reminders, set reminders according to their schedule or post directly through the site.

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The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

the ultimate pregnancy journal

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal, the newest addition in the best-selling series of parenting and baby books from Elizabeth & Alex Lluch, celebrates the joy, love, and adventure surrounding a pregnancy.

Parents-to-be can create a beautiful keepsake that will elicit heartwarming memories for years to come. This adorable book includes 100 guided pages of questions that couples can use to record everything from the moment they first decide to have a child, to bringing the baby home.

Pages include space for photographs, shower invitations and announcements, as well as 16 colorful photo frames that can be placed throughout the book. In addition, this journal offers decorative stickers, pattern pages, a keepsake pouch, and a fold-out photo banner.

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Question by HAPPY_DAYZZZ: Starting my pregnancy journal, what week should I be recording in?
I am pregnant with my first child and I am overjoyed ! ! !

So technically I am 5 weeks pregnant (counting from my last month period)
But baby development wise… I am 3 weeks r-i-g-h-t? OR …

How should I record my journal?
at 5 weeks?
at 3 weeks?

Answer by hoslnm01
you are 5 weeks that’s how you should record it.

Learn All About Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Parents-to-be adopt many methods to determine whether the unborn baby is a boy or a girl. The Chinese pregnancy calendar is an often used method to know about the gender of the new life in the mothers womb. The Chinese pregnancy calendar is an ancient way for predicting the gender of the unborn child. It is also known as a Chinese conception chart, or the Chinese Conception Calendar. It is believed that this ancient method is highly accurate, although no clinical studies verify these claims.

History – Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

This chart is an ancient Chinese secret. A Chinese scientist developed this calendar, 700 years ago. According to a legend, the Chinese pregnancy calendar is capable of predicting the babys gender based on two variables: the baby’s month of conception and the mothers age.

This chart was kept in a royal tomb, near the city of Peking in China in ancient times. Now this original Chinese chart is on display at the Beijing Institute of Science. Many people, especially the Chinese, believe that the original Chinese pregnancy calendar is almost 100% accurate.

How The Chinese Calendar Works?

According to studies, the Chinese pregnancy calendar has been found to be 97% effective in predicting a baby’s gender. This accuracy is credited to the use of Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese pregnancy calendar is dependent on the lunar calendar. It is based on the month a baby is conceived and not the birth month. The second factor is the mothers age at the time of conception, adding 9 months to her age to adjust the lunar calendar.

The conceived month from January to December is listed on the top row of the Chinese pregnancy chart, and the left column of the chart represents the mothers age during the conception. You need to follow the steps given below to get the most accurate result from the Chinese pregnancy calendar.

1. Note down your age at the time of conception.
2. Add 9 months to the age to adjust to the lunar calendar.
3. Also note down the month when the baby was conceived.
4. Now simply search for the conceived month across the top portion of the chart and the age on the left side of the chart.
5. Lastly, follow these two coordinates to the spot where they intersect, and that will show you either a box containing B for boy, or G for girl.

In comparison to the Chinese pregnancy calendar, the ultrasound during the 7th or 8th month of the pregnancy is a more reliable method to know the gender of the child. In fact an ultrasound is use to monitor the pregnancy development week by week development right from conception till child birth.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, what does it matter? What matters is that you have fun guessing the gender of your unborn child using the Chinese calendar. All along use a pregnancy journal to record your pregnancy development week by week.

A Chinese pregnancy calendar is used to determine the gender of the unborn child. The pregnancy journal that records the pregnancy development week by week is a more important paper that the Chinese calendar. The pregnancy week by week has to progress smoothly

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Pregnancy Diary – My Pregnancy Journal

pregnancy diary

Pregnancy is a magical time for every woman, even though their experience of it may differ. During this memorable time your body is undergoing a huge amount of changes and you’ll want to record each noticeable difference. My Pregnancy Journal is a wonderful keepsake pregnancy diary you can use to record your unique journey.

My Pregnancy Journal provides ample room for reflection during those 9 months. It’s a week-by-week diary that allows you to record every precious moment through the passage of time, from the first ultrasound image of your baby, to amusing food cravings, swollen ankles, and the thrill of the first kick. In addition to the journal space, there are chapters covering pregnancy care and classes, preparing for baby and the issues of labor and the new arrival.

As much a practical record as a personal journal, an addresses section allow you to keep a note of useful contacts and organizations. A perfect gift for any mother-to-be. My Pregnancy Journal is perfectly illustrated with exquisite photography throughout. It offers the opportunity to create a unique record of one of the most wonderful episodes of a mother’s life, a perfect little keepsake to reflect back on in years to come.

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Question by Lovin’ Life As Mama & Wife: Do you or did you keep a pregnancy journal?
During my pregnancy with my son, I purchased a pregnancy journal. I really enjoyed recording every pregnancy milestone in it. It’s really wonderful now to look back on.

Now, 5 years later, I am looking to get another one for this baby and I’m wondering if there are any good journals out there that you can recommend? The one I purchased for my son in 2002 is no longer made!

I was considering buying the Anne Geddes pregnancy journal…but am open to opinion!

Answer by Mommy to be
You can always just use a cute scrapbook and make your own. Theres nothing like homemade memories from scratch!!!

Early Pregnancy Symptom – Easy Identification Of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy Symptom refers to the sign that indicates whether a woman is pregnant or not. Irrespective of the fact whether you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you always wish to know the reality at the earliest. Early pregnancy symptom becomes important when one does not have the enough patience of waiting up to the menstruation period. These kinds of women find it difficult to wait after the ovulation and they wish to know whether they are having pregnancy or not.

Body Is An Excellent Indicator Of The Pregnancy

These impatient people may surprise to know that their body indicates early pregnancy symptom. With a careful observation of the pregnancy week by week you will find that the body is really an excellent indicator of the pregnancy. However, early pregnancy symptom begins to appear at different times in different women. According to the pregnancy journal in some women early pregnancy symptom may appear within few days after the conception. On the other hand, it may take few weeks before appearing in some other cases.

Nausea Or Vomiting

Nausea or vomiting is one early pregnancy symptom that appears in the very early stages of the pregnancy. This is also known more popularly as morning sickness. There are instances when this early pregnancy symptom occurred so early that the women could not realize it and thought that this is happening because of the food poisoning or cold effect. Nausea happens because the ability of sensing the smell and taste of the pregnant women gets increased and she can feel the sensation of nausea even with the smell of tea and coffee.

Increases Frequency of Urination

Frequent urination is another early pregnancy symptom. This symptom also appears in the early stages of the pregnancy. In most of the cases frequent urination starts within one week of getting pregnant. You may have to go to the toilet again and again even during the night. In addition, you will observe that you are getting tired much early as compared to when you were normal.

Breast Enlargement And Missed Period

One more early pregnancy symptom is enlargement of the size of the breast and nipples. This is very common symptom and most of the women also report tenderness of the breast when they get pregnant. This very early symptom is an indication that the body is getting ready for the breastfeeding. On most of the occasions when any woman misses her period then it works as an early pregnancy symptom for her. However, during the period of the pregnancy you may feel sudden and painful tightening of the muscles giving you the sensation that the period is about to come. Along with this cramping of the muscles you will also experience back pain during this period.

Early Pregnancy Symptom.Info is your free resource that not only provides information on early pregnancy symptoms but the other aspects of pregnancy too.

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Pregnant Journal & Planner

pregnant journal

The Great Expectations Pregnancy Journal is a critical companion to the comprehensive guide Great Expectations: Your All-In-One Resource to Pregnancy & Childbirth, this must-have accompaniment will help pregnant mothers know what to expect. This organizational pregnancy journal and planner will help keep you, as an expectant mother, up to date with essential pregnancy details and get you prepared for the baby’s arrival.

Written by the mother-and-daughter team, this invaluable planner features a week-by-week journal to note everything from emotional to physical sensations, a to-do checklist, pre-scripted interviews for meetings with healthcare and childcare providers, baby gear and maternity-wear lists, information about baby’s development in utero.

Guided fill-in space for writing down other important details, such as doctor appointments and directions to the birthing facility are also included. A personal directory allows you to keep all your pregnancy-related contact information in one easy-to-access place.

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Question by Lindsay S: What to do to prepare for Pregnancy?
So! My husband and I are scheduled to move from California, back to our family in Ohio, next June. We have decided that we are PLENTY ready for our first child, and want to start trying in November to get pregnant. (This will allow our first little one to arrive in August or later of next year).

Yes, we are quite the planners… lol My question is, what should a woman start doing now, to prepare for being pregnant… vitamin recommendations? I just want my body to be as healthy as I can make it before I get pregnant….

Answer by Mumu
Eat healthy and exercise. Also take folic acid. It will help against chromosomal disorders. Save, save, save! Pray a lot, and good luck.

Gender Causing Different Predisposition To Obesity

Sixty-one percent of the population of the United States is obese or overweight, with women making the majority. Certain factors have a different influence, for men and women, over the risk to become overweight or obese.

In the case of women, extra weight may appear because of the fluctuations of the reproductive hormones that show up during pregnancy and menopause .Women are more likely to store more fat than men, because women present a lower basal fat oxidation indicator compared to men. Researchers believe that basal fat oxidation is connected to the loss of fat-free mass for aging women.

Some of the substances that may increase the risk of developing obesity are serotonin, insulin, and leptin. These substances may influence in different ways how men and women are predisposed to gaining weight.

Serotonin, a substance that regulates body temperature, mood, anger, sleep, sexuality, aggression, and appetite, is strongly related to the body mass index (BMI). When the BMI increases, the level of serotonin decreases. When it comes to weight loss, the difference between men and women is the BMI level that triggers the decrease of serotonin.

For women, the amount of serotonin decreases when they reach a BMI that classifies them as “obese”, while for men this happens when their BMI shows they are “overweight”. To read the rest of this article, go to Project Weight Loss, an online weight loss community featuring calorie counter, carbs counter, BMI calculator, diet planner, workout planner and other weight loss tools.

(c) Project Weight Loss 2007. All rights reserved.

Leptin is a product of fat cells and has a role in regulating the energy expenditure and appetite. Leptin levels are higher for women than men at any BMI level. Men may have

lower levels of leptin if they have a higher level of testosterone. Specialists believe that leptin levels may influence the body weight starting at puberty. The difference in leptin levels occurs in boys who have a high level of testosterone and girls with higher fat mass.

Pregnancy can also affect leptin levels. The amounts of leptin is higher in women who are pregnant with female fetuses, but not for those pregnant with male fetuses.

For free weight loss tools and diets, visit Project Weight Loss, a growing weight loss community featuring BMI calculator, calorie counter, carbs counter, diet planner, workout planner, and many other weight loss tools. Visit Project Weight Loss and start losing weight today!

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Pregnancy Journal Book: A Keepsake To Chart Your Progress + Thoughts

pregnancy journal book

From the authors of the best-selling Your Pregnancy Week by Week series, a handsomely packaged pregnancy journal book that is also a wonderful resource for expectant mothers. The nine months of pregnancy are a special time for all women, a time of wonder, dreams, hopes and, above all, awesome physical change.

Your Pregnancy Journal is the perfect place for women to record thoughts and also to keep a record of their physical progress as they march toward delivery. In addition to ample space for the mom-to-be to write weekly musings and keep track of doctor appointments, test results, and changes in weight, blood pressure, and belly measurements.

This elegantly designed journal includes a wealth of helpful and interesting medical, nutritional, and exercise information and tips. The perfect gift, Your Pregnancy Journal is also a wonderfully wise and reassuring resource for a mother-to-be.

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Question by Mommy to be of Twins! 4/9/2011: Have you ever kept a pregnancy diary/journal?
Hello out there! I was just curious if anyone out there kept a pregnancy journal? And if so, do you keep it for your own memories or do you write it to your future child? What kinds of things do you include? Did you start it when you were trying to conceive or once you knew you were pregnant?

Answer by Delilah*Comming soon! 6~26~10!
No I did not but the other day I was thinking I really should have. I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby $ 3 3 and its nice to remember everthing about your pregnancy all the symptoms week by week or month to month. I really wish I could remember all that from my first and second pregnancy! I do remember some stuff but not all. So that’s why I was thinking I should have done one with this pregnancy For my self my children and any one else.

Early Signs of Pregnancy – Learn More

A missed period is a definite early sign of pregnancy but even before you miss any period there are so many other early sign of the pregnancy that can tell you whether or not you are pregnant. However, the problem with most of the early sign of pregnancy is that are similar to what you may observe before the arrival of the period. Determining whether you are pregnant or not with the help of the early sign of pregnancy without any pregnancy test is just like solving a difficult puzzle. It is not compulsory that every single women experience every early sign of pregnancy. However, it is also unlikely that you do not experience any one of them.

Swollen Breasts Along With Tenderness

Tenderness of the breast is an early sign of pregnancy that starts appearing very early immediately after the conception. This early pregnancy symptom tell us that body has started naturally preparing itself for the arrival and feeding of the child. According to the experts of the pregnancy health and the pregnancy journal you should not make the mistake of linking it with the pre menstrual symptoms because during pregnancy sometimes you may experience swollen breasts instead of the tenderness in the breast.

Feeling Less Energetic

If you are feeling tiredness and are not feeling that much energetic as you normally used to be then this may also be an early sign of pregnancy. In these kinds of circumstances most of the women make the mistake of linking this tiredness and lack of energetic feeling with the other things happening around them, while, in reality this is an early sign of pregnancy. There are several factors responsible for this tiredness. Some of them are change in the hormones, chemistry of the body and the activity that the body of any woman needs to do at the time of the conception. If you are experiencing this kind of fatigue then it is better to take more sleep.

Nausea, Increase In Appetite

Nausea is a distinctive early sign of pregnancy. Here again people make the mistake of associating it with the food poisoning, stomach flu or anything similar to this. If the nausea continues and does not subside then one must assume that she is pregnant. Many women also feel increased hunger as compared to when they were not pregnant. This is very much natural process because the body requires more nutrition for the growth and development of the embryo. On the contrary some of the women may feel a complete loss of the appetite. In some cases the women may complaint of lost appetite or increased appetite on different days varying with the other early pregnancy symptom.

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My Pregnancy Journal: Charlotte Sleeping cover

baby journal

The beautiful Anne Geddes “Pregnancy Journal” encourages a mother-to-be to record her thoughts and feelings throughout her pregnancy. Anne Geddes’ unique baby photographs are the perfect accompaniment to this stunning keepsake journal.

Beginning with ‘Finding Out’ the journal charts the journey from the earliest days of pregnancy to the baby’s birth and first precious days. The perfect gift for expectant mothers, it includes space for the ultrasound scan and family photo, and is peppered throughout with thought provoking quotes.

Prompts such as ‘What I Wish Most for My Baby’, Dreams I’ve Been Having and ‘What I Really Enjoy About Being Pregnant’ ensure this is easy to use and there is ample space to allow expectant mothers room to record their memories and milestones during this special time.


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Question by Galletita: Can someone recommend a good pregnancy journal?

I am looking for something where I can write and instert sonogram pictures. I’ve seen a few but I am very busy and cannot write a journal entry everyday…maybe bi-weekly or monthly would be great. Any suggestions?

Answer by Aim
I had Pregnancy-Journal-Guide-Healthy-Happy

Early Pregnancy Symptom – How To Detect Pregnancy Yourself

Pregnancy calls for one of the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life being accompanied by each early pregnancy symptom. These pregnancy symptoms have always been a source of joy as well as often anxieties. Many women are unaware of early pregnancy symptoms and what development each symptom indicates. Moreover, to start planning for a family with your new baby, you must be knowledgeable about pregnancy symptoms and to what extent they are normal. If you observe the signs of pregnancy to increase and decrease abnormally, you must consult with your physician.

Therefore, pregnant women need to be familiar with all the probable early pregnancy symptoms. She also needs to know the difference between pregnancy and non-pregnancy symptoms. The period, intensity and the sequence of arrival of pregnancy symptoms largely vary from one woman to another. So, before you start fretting over absence of a particular symptom that your friend or sister might have undergone at your stage, get facts on each early pregnancy symptom from this article.

How Your Body Tells That You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, women undergo many changes. Drastic hormonal changes in body are because of the physical and psychological changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy. This hormonal change takes place to support the development of the fetus inside. All women tend to experience some common symptoms in the early trimester of the pregnancy period. Each early pregnancy symptom appears in the same manner, but slight differences can be expected. Now let us discuss about pregnancy symptoms and how to identify them –

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is also known as vaginal spotting. This is a very common early pregnancy symptom and takes place when the fertilized egg gets attached to uterus walls. In following ways you will get to differentiate implantation bleeding from common vaginal bleeding -

It appears approximately five days after fertilization

Color of this vaginal discharge appears to be light unlike dark bleeding of menstruation.

An increase in discharge will also signal you about pregnancy.

Many women also experience slight cramping pain during implantation bleeding.

If you happen to experience similar symptoms within a week of conceiving, consider a home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

Increased frequency in urination is a significant early pregnancy symptom. Stretch in ligaments and hormonal changes may lead pregnant women rush to loo. As your uterus enlarges to accommodate development of the fetus, it starts occupying spaces of bladder and pushes it, which is why you may feel a surge of urine now and then.

Tender, Sore Breasts

Another very important early pregnancy symptom is tenderness and painful breasts. After conceiving, you will notice your breasts to enlarge accompanied by a feeling of tenderness due to the hormonal changes in body.

High Temperature

If you notice that your basal body temperature is increasing after conception, then you know you are pregnant. When your body temperature remains high for a number of days even if you are not having menstruation, it is an early pregnancy symptom.

Missed Periods

A missed period id considered one of the surest pregnancy symptoms to be felt at the earliest stage. However, it may arrive before or after any other early pregnancy symptom and extensively vary in women.

Fatigue and Weakness

Pregnancy brings enormous feeling of exhaustion. When you tend to feel fatigue and dizziness with any other symptom, you need to contact an expert. As per medical experts, fainting is a common early pregnancy symptom. Along with exhaustion, you might feel sickness in different time of the day with discomforts of nausea. Though pregnant women may feel at any time or throughout the day, this early pregnancy symptom is known as ‘morning sickness’.

Before you consult your gynecologist, you need to prepare a proper and detailed pregnancy journal mentioning each early pregnancy symptom to help him or her detect pregnancy accurately.

An early pregnancy symptoms, while on one hand brings joy it breeds anxiety too. However, mere presence of pregnancy symptoms does not confirm pregnancy. Therefore, when you start witnessing signs of pregnancy, maintain a pregnancy journal and visit you doctor for a pregnancy test and for further instructions. Early Pregnancy Symptom has more information on signs to detect early pregnancy.

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